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Healing the Trauma of Addiction

"Addiction is only a symptom, it's not the fundamental problem. The fundamental problem is trauma". -Dr. Maté.

Are you stuck in an addiction? Trauma is the silent force of addiction. Trauma can heal. Your addiction can be disrupted. You can be transformed. There is HOPE...

“Raised in foster care, I survived being moved from home to home (32 homes). My addiction was for sex. I looked for love in all the wrong places. The people I met were mostly out to use people like me, lost & drifting. My self-esteem was based on the approval I found in these people.

I've been able to minimize my addiction to smoking pot. I avoid all alcohol. I believe my addiction is connected to the care & love I didn't receive as a child. “ –J. Gavel

If you are struggling with any kind of addiction and are ready to heal the underlying trauma, please call us  for a phone/Skype intake appointment.

Your attending staff psychologist for this addiction-trauma track is Paul F. Singh, MA, LP. Singh specializes in healing trauma  weekend programs for the client and their support system.

Give us a call 24/7 at 763.525.9900.


Books Coming Soon



Unrestrained HOPE

 Touching the Ache of Your Struggle

If you’re “self-medicating” anxiety or depression with an addiction to alcohol, drugs, food, sex, power, control or emotionally dependent relationships, you need to read this book.

Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and Minneapolis Psychologist Paul F. Singh, MA, LP shows how most traditional therapy fails people. It targets only 25% of a person’s story. Who would seek surgery that removed just one-fourth of a cancer?

Singh not only insightfully addresses the 25%, he skillfully unveils the remaining 75%. By understanding 100% of their pain and what they’re doing with it, people will no longer just be managing their symptoms. They’ll be healing from the inside out.

This is true healing, bringing lasting change. If you want more than merely to hope, but also minimize the chance of relapse and get lasting results, start by reading this upcoming book.

Future Release-Amazon: $18.95




Riding Wild Waves Into Intense Hope

Psychologist and author Paul Singh uses his personal life story and clinical practice to help people change from the inside out by first healing from the inside out.

This raw and vulnerable narrative will help the reader to know and understand how to be strengthened and empowered by the storms of life. This is also an endearing legacy book to Singh’s five children. This book is substantive, humorous, and full of fresh new hope.

Future Release-Amazon: $18.95

This is another great gift book on how to prepare and survive  the various storms of life. The upcoming book will be released Spring of 2018 on Amazon.com.

Counseling Intensives


Our counseling intensives are designed to get healing and a profound recovery process well underway within 3-5 days, all in strict privacy. Our Counseling Intensives are held in Beverly Hills and  Santa Monica, California  as well as Minneapolis, Minnesota.

You can invite several family members and friends to be part of your support team. The beauty of your hand-picked support team is that this new village community  can support you after your counseling intensive is over. This component is critical to healing and lasting change.


Healing starts here

Start the healing process at either of our locations or in the privacy of your own home.
We travel nationally and internationally to meet you where you are.


Beverly Hills, CA

Private, safe, and beneath the palms. There is a waiting list for intensives at this location, so we take clients on a case-by-case basis. 

Minneapolis, MN

A perfect escape from press and paparazzi. This is our headquarters, where we do most of our intensive sessions. 

Paul F. Singh is a very seasoned licensed psychologist and international executive life coach. He has been in private practice for about 30 years. His fees are $300/hour. He also has a very generous sliding fee scale of $150-$300 depending on your total gross annual income. Please contact the clinic for more details at 763.525.9900.