What Sets Us Apart?

“We believe that to experience lasting change from the inside out,

you need to first experience holistic healing from the inside out.”

Paul F. Singh, MA, LP

  • Beverly Hills, California PTSD/Trauma Psychologist

  • Hollywood Marriage Therapist and Sex Therapist

  • National Clinical Director of Sexual Health

  • International Holistic Executive Life Coach

  • Former “Meet the Expert “ series lecturer at the Mayo Clinics

  • Lecturer at the Hazelden Betty Ford Clinics for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

  • Lectured on brain neuroplasticity as an international expert in addictions to neuropsychiatrists and neuropsychologists at the international world conference in Paris, France 2018

  • Upcoming Book- “Disruptive HOPE”: What Your Therapist Never Told You



What Is New In the Field of Addiction & Neuropsychology?

Innovative approach to trauma therapy for addictions and relational issues. 

Neuropsychiatrists and Neuropsychologists understand that the cells in the human body carry painful memories from your past and present. Your cells make up your blood, tissues, organs, body, central nervous system and brain chemistry. You may be literally living in unresolved pain in your spirit, soul and body and have strong addictive cravings to find anything that can give you relief and comfort.

There is now new brilliant HOPE to heal at a deep cellular level so you can change at a holistic level (spirit, soul and body). If you are stuck in your unresolved mental health issues, neuropsychology and spirituality may be a powerful option for you to experience new lasting change from the inside out.

To make a private counseling or life coaching appointment with Paul Singh, please confidentially email Paul at: paul@holisticlifechange.com or call 763.525.9900.

What Is New In the Field of Sexual Health?

Gentleman, I help guys prevent or delay the onset of erectile dysfunction.

Most men do not realize that erectile dysfunction is both insidious (it sneaks up on us) and that it is degenerative (it gets worse over time). The good news is that there is evidence that the use of a simple medical device may be able to partially reverse and possibly delay the significant negative complications that occur to men who suffer from long-standing ED.

AND for those men who already have erectile dysfunction, there is NEW TECHNOLOGY in the market that can help you restore your sexual function and bring great HOPE to your partner who has experienced feeling abandoned and lonely due to the impact erectile dysfunction has had on your relationship.

Paul F. Singh MA, LP is a licensed psychologist and the national clinical director of sexual health for the United States. Let him privately help your partner and you understand the new technology in the urological marketplace that will restore your sexual health with our automatic pump so you can give the gift of outstanding pleasure to your partner again!

As a couple’s therapist and a sex therapist, the “hand held” pumps are old technology. They are distracting and a lot of work for guys when you are transitioning into the natural flow of foreplay. We now have the state-of-the-art “automatic” vacuum pump that is easy for a guy to use and does not have to think about as much as he is making the intimate transition from foreplay to sexual play. And his partner will appreciate the incredibly seamless flow of those magical moments!

We are that confident in this new gift of intimacy to couples. And the couples post surgery are back in the swing of things! It is a JOY to see HOPE in their eyes again! The efficacy of this automatic vacuum pump sells itself. It’s a great Valentine’s gift to start the three-month process of rebuilding the muscles in your body, talking about intimacy and reigniting the hot fires of passion again!

And to the urologists, this FDA compliant state of the art “automatic vacuum pump” and the powerful impact it will have on your patients will explode your practice with new business! Why? As you know, guys talk about what really works in the bedroom.

There is also no disadvantage for a urological practice to “evaluate” another provider of a vacuum pump. However, there is a lot of advantage to you becoming the new Minnesota Doctor of the Year! When patients are cared well for they love to say thank you.

Paul Singh is also a prostate cancer survivor and personally uses this automatic vacuum pump. Men appreciate having another man doing the penis vacuum pump teaching and sexual training on how to use this intimate pump. Guys also feel extremely comfortable having another guy answer all of his questions from another guy who has also gone through the process.

Singh consults in Paris, France; Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and Santa Monica California; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Chicago, Illinois and New York City, New York. Other offices are currently being opened on the east and west coast and throughout the nation.

Singh specializes in both men’s sexual health and women’s sexual health. To make a private appointment with Paul Singh to evaluate this state of the art and FDA compliant pump or to evaluate the counterpart female pump, please confidentially email Paul at: psingh@gesivia.com or call

(866)34-Gesiva. Ext 5 www.gesiva.com

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Books Coming Soon


Disruptive Hope: What Your Therapist Never Told You

Is your addiction quickly taking you down the way the iceberg sank the Titanic

“Traditional rehab therapies for addictions to drugs and alcohol, overeating, sex, power, self-harm, and screen image tend only to scratch the tip of the addiction iceberg. Addiction affects neuroplasticity, your brain’s ability to change itself, and impacts biological functions, emotional health, and the quality of your life. In effect, your addiction hijacks the pleasure centers of your brain; eventually, only your addictive behavior brings any level of gratification and temporary relief from your pain. You probably have insights into why you are medicating your pain above the waterline of your addiction; however, like the story of the Titanic, the real danger of addiction comes from what lies deep below the tip of the iceberg. Fortunately, understanding how your brain heals creates new treatment options for you.

In his brilliant new book, Disruptive Hope, trauma and addiction psychologist Paul F. Singh articulates an innovative blueprint of how your efforts to treat your pain confound your connection with others, yourself, and even God. Reading about and applying Singh’s trailblazing clinical and spiritual approach, along with traditional neuroplasticity therapies, will start to heal your pain and disrupt your addiction, even if you never attend formal therapy sessions. By retraining your brain, you will change your life. This ultramodern holistic process provides a step-by-step roadmap that will unlock your passion, your talents, and your purpose. The ultimate gift of Disruptive Hope is the power it has for influencing your health, transforming your relationships, and touching the ache for something more in your sexuality.”

Copyright 2018. Paul F. Singh. All rights reserved.

Meet Paul Singh

Paul F. Singh, MA, LP, is a trauma and addiction psychologist and an international coach with Holistic Life Change International. Singh has lectured at the former “Meet the Expert” series at the Mayo Clinic and at the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation. Paul is the father of five beautiful children. He loves camping, hiking, canoeing, fishing, biking, and running. Paul is a total ocean dude who enjoys decompressing and writing at the ocean. He also loves to frequent international eateries with friends to enjoy a great glass of wine, dance passionately, laugh together, and celebrate the gift of life!

Copyright 2018. Paul F. Singh. All rights reserved.



Riding Wild Waves Into Intense Hope

Crisis Interventions & Counseling Intensives


Our crisis interventions and counseling intensives are designed to get healing and a profound recovery process well underway within a focused timeframe, all in strict privacy. Our interventions and intensives are held in Beverly Hills and  Santa Monica, California  as well as Minneapolis, Minnesota.

You can invite several family members and friends to be part of your support team. The beauty of your hand-picked support team is that this new village healing community  can support you after your intervention or counseling intensive is over. This component is critical to healing and lasting change.


Healing starts here

Start the healing process at either of our locations or in the privacy of your own home.
We travel nationally and internationally to meet you where you are.


Beverly Hills, CA

Private, safe, and beneath the palms. There is a waiting list for intensives at this location, so we take clients on a case-by-case basis. 

Minneapolis, MN

A perfect escape from press and paparazzi. This is our headquarters, where we do most of our intensive sessions.