Let's get to know one another.

Hi, I'm Paul Singh, MA, LP. I'm the CEO and clinical director at Holistic Life Change International. 

I love to laugh. They say laughter is the best medicine for the soul. If you ever have dinner with my family and me, you won’t need Prozac anymore!

Thirteen years ago, I had a grade four tumor. Doctors gave me 6-12 months. Through suffering, I met a very kind and loving God who healed me in spirit, soul and body. I live every day in immense joy and gratitude.

I’m a life coach, corporate psychologist, author and strategic change expert; I have been an adjunct professor at Northwestern University. I specialize in working with high-profile clients, celebrities and business leaders.

Mayo Clinic brought me in to lecture at its former Meet The Expert series for over 10 years as a resource for physicians, nurses, other staff and patients. In special cases, they recommend Holistic Life Change International to patients as a next step after an inpatient or detox program. Both my Beverly Hills and Minneapolis locations work closely with the Mayo Foundation for medical education and research.

About Holistic Life Change


Many clients we see have visited multiple therapists, gurus and psychologists in the past, but until they experience lasting change, they keep searching. We are founded on the conviction that lasting change is possible. We believe that anyone can change a behavior. But to be a truly changed person requires a difference on the inside. We help people find healing in the spirit, soul and body to ensure that true change takes place. 

We do ongoing counseling, life coaching and speaking engagements, but our two main focuses are interventions and intensives. Our intensives are what make us unique. We offer a private setting, flexible schedule, fast healing and change that lasts after the sessions are over. In our experience, these are all concerns for high-profile clients.

Private setting - After a detox process, it's often mandatory to take part in a public inpatient program. Celebrities and other high-profile clients frequently walk out because it's so uncomfortable to open up to the world about their private lives and struggles. We offer a secure, private outpatient alternative. You join us at a private retreat where it's just you, a few close friends and family members for support, and time to heal. 

Flexible schedule - For musicians on tour, actors in the midst of filming, or busy executives, it's expensive to take a month (or more) off for inpatient care. Our intensives are not only short so clients can get back to their lives quickly, but also flexible. We usually do sessions daily from noon to 8 pm, leaving the morning for work or relaxation.

Fast healing process - Clients don't want to search for answers for months or years before beginning the road to recovery. In our accelerated process, clients begin healing within 5-10 days. 

Change that lasts - A common fear is of falling back into old habits and ending up back in detox a couple of months later. We believe that if change truly takes place from the inside out, actions flow from what's in the heart. We offer flexible ongoing support, counseling, and life coaching to guide clients after the intensive is over.