Let's get to know one another


Hi, I’m Paul Singh.

If you don’t know me yet, then you should know this first: I love to laugh. They say laughter is the best medicine for the soul. If you ever spend time with my five children and me, you won’t need Prozac anymore---100%!!!

Twelve years ago, I was diagnosed with a grade-four cancerous prostate tumor. The doctors gave me 6-12 months to live. Through intense suffering, I met and experienced a very kind, powerful, and loving God who healed me in spirit, soul, and body. Today, my health is revived and I am living in immense gratitude, joy, and strength! Hit me up for the miraculous story that is coming out in my new book, "Unrestrained HOPE".

I am a PTSD-trauma addiction licensed psychologist and an international executive life coach for Holistic Life Change International. My clinical specialty is performing three to five day private outpatient healing trauma programs with one client and their core tribe. As the attending staff psychologist, I confidentially meet with the client and their hand-picked tribe for eight hours a day of private therapy.  This counseling intensive is a spiritual and emotional surgery that brings the client's spirit and soul back into alignment with new holistic mental health and sustainable hope. If you heal the trauma, you disrupt the addiction.

As an international executive life coach, I am passionate about Emotional Intelligence, Spiritual Intelligence and Physical Intelligence. This effective corporate program can unlock your passion, giftedness and purpose. Emotional Intelligence is an awesome tool for your team and you to recreate a new and powerful destiny.  As you deeply care for your “corporate family team”, your business will explode to the next level through this effective tool. 

I have lectured at the former “Meet the Expert” series at all the national Mayo Clinics and also for the Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage, CA.  At both facilities, I have illustratively lectured on my pioneering work in holistic healthcare, alternative mental health care, holistic healing options and alternative resources. I have also taught counseling as an adjunct professor at Northwestern University-Saint Paul.

I really enjoy humor, freshly-ground coffee, great wine, international restaurants, warm walnut chocolate chip cookies, hanging out with my five children and a few true friends. I have an ocean beach flat on the strand by the Pacific Ocean in Santa Monica. I am so grateful I get to wake up to "blue space" every morning. Beach living at the ocean is my therapy! Sunsets at the ocean allow me to gaze into the greatness, kindness, and strength of the God of the universe.

You can usually find me in sunny warm Southern California at the ocean doing beach therapy or in freezing cold Minneapolis counseling clients and digging out of snow! The only redeeming value to the arctic snow blizzards in Minnesota are snow ball fights and downhill skiing!

I also speak at various local coffee shops about  my upcoming book, "Unrestrained HOPE"" or hanging out with all types of people on the beach or ski resorts. 

In the Strength of Wisdom and Bravery,