Let's get to know one another.


Hi, I’m Paul Singh.

If you don’t know me yet, then you should know this first: I love to laugh. They say laughter is the best medicine for the soul. If you ever spend time with my family and me, you won’t need Prozac anymore!

Twelve years ago, I had a grade four tumor. Doctors gave me 6-12 months. Through suffering, I met a very kind, powerful, and loving God who healed me in spirit, soul, and body. Today, I live in immense gratitude, joy, and strength.

I work as a trauma licensed psychologist and international executive life coach for Holistic Life Change International. We have offices in Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Santa Monica,  San Diego, Palm Springs, Minneapolis. 

Our laser sharp focus as a private care team is helping people to heal of their PTSD, unresolved trauma, grief and resulting anxiety, anger, depression, and sometimes suicidal ideation. We also work with how people cope with their unresolved pain through a life of multiple addictions, self-harm, and emotional dependent relationships.

My particular clinical specialty is doing 3-5 day private outpatient trauma program with just one client at a time. As the attending staff psychologist for this alternative counseling care track,  I confidentially meet with the client and their support team for eight hours/day of private one-on-one therapy.  This healing counseling track reflects the heart of my life work. This is a spiritual and emotional surgical procedure that brings the client's spirit and soul back into alignment with new holistic health.

The healing outcomes of the healing counseling intensives are amazing. Most of my clients do this deep private healing work by inviting their trusted family and friends into their healing process. Their healing community is then there for them after the healing counseling intensive is over. Our headquarters for the healing counseling intensives is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota (United States). 

Lectured at the “Meet the Expert” series at the national Mayo Clinics and have been a preferred alcohol and drug interventionist for the Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage, CA. At both facilities I have lectured on holistic healthcare, alternative mental health care, and holistic healing options and alternative resources.

Former adjunct professor who taught counseling at Northwestern University. I am also very passionate about brain neuropsychology, cutting edge nutrition, innovative fitness programs, and how this impacts your physical body, physical health, and sexual health.

International life coach that specializing in Emotional Intelligence. This can unlock your passion, giftedness and purpose. Awesome way to recreate for yourself a new and powerful destiny.  We have national and international locations.

Passionately love being a father to our five beautiful and outstanding children. Enjoy fresh ground coffee, great wine, international restaurants, warm walnut chocolate chip cookies, and hanging out with my family and true friends. Love to travel and decompress at the ocean. Camping at the ocean is the cat’s meow!

Most pensive writing moments are usually by the water. Deepest spiritual moments tend to be when I take long walks on the beach. Sunsets at the ocean allow me to gaze into the greatness, kindness, and strength of the God of the universe.

Currently writing two new books:

  •   “Unrestrained Hope: Living by the Power of Bravery”
  •   “Living Through the Storm: Riding Wild Waves Into Intense Hope"

Enjoy doing "beach therapy" with my clients in Southern California and I try to stay warm with my Minnesota clients! Ha!!!   :-) Seriously, I was born and raised in Minneapolis, MN. Love that state of 10,000 lakes. Outside of the winters, Minneapolis is a fun and great place to live--unless you are an ocean guy in Southern California.

"In Strength of Wisdom and Kindness"