Unrestrained HOPE

 Touching the Ache of Your Struggle

If you’re “self-medicating” anxiety or depression with an addiction to alcohol, drugs, food, sex, power, control or emotionally dependent relationships, you need to read this book.

Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and Minneapolis Psychologist Paul F. Singh, MA, LP shows how most traditional therapy fails people. It targets only 25% of a person’s story. Who would seek surgery that removed just one-fourth of a cancer?

Singh not only insightfully addresses the 25%, he skillfully unveils the remaining 75%. By understanding 100% of their pain and what they’re doing with it, people will no longer just be managing their symptoms. They’ll be healing from the inside out.

This is true healing, bringing lasting change. If you want more than merely to hope, but also minimize the chance of relapse and get lasting results, start by reading this upcoming book.

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