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Unrestrained HOPE

“Rehab is time-consuming and expensive. UNRESTRAINED HOPE will kick-start or speed your healing. It could save you thousands of dollars and many wasted years. It might even save your life.

This book is a simple, concise, practical road map to the entire therapy process. If you want to recover from addiction, anger issues or suicidal thoughts, this is your must-have guide.

UNRESTRAINED HOPE will show you how to heal what’s troubling you deep inside – and how to unlock your passion, gifts and purpose!

Your family, friends and employer are desperate for you to recover. They want you back.


Author Paul F. Singh, MA, LP, is a trauma and addiction psychologist and a holistic transformational life coach. He has lectured at the Mayo Clinic’s former “Meet the Expert” series and at the Hazelden Betty Ford: Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centers. He integrates spiritual therapy into clinical therapy in an easy-to-follow journey.

Singh is an international expert on addiction, anger management and suicide. He specializes in three-day crisis counseling weekends for those struggling with drug, alcohol, sex, food or power addiction – and anger management.

He gives help and hope to those struggling with anxiety and depression, which can lead to suicidal thoughts. Whether or not you’re in therapy, this book will help you achieve the transformation you’re dreaming of.

If you want your life back, UNRESTRAINED HOPE will help you get it.”

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