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An Excerpt From the Book 


The Ache

What do you ache for?

What is it that would make you come alive at the depth of your soul?

The ache in your human soul is an intense passion of “want” that longs to be loved by others, to live a comfortable and secure life and to live out “the dream”. In your soul, you ache to experience a loyal love that forges a life-long friendship of intimate connection, riveting passion and mutual adventure!

Do you realize that you have a deeper ache that goes beyond your human soul? This ache resides in your human spirit. Your spiritual ache is hidden, profound and longs to be filled with the three powerful passions of love, strength and peace. When the ache in your spirit starts to become fulfilled, the ache in your soul is touched with a sense that all is well". This is a priceless gift yet countless people don’t know how to receive it.

Sadly, most people are numb to the ache in their soul because opening up to longing in relationship can be risky and dangerous. Why? Because people are human and disappointment is part of the fabric of life. Disappointment can feel like betrayal and betrayal feels like rejection. Some people choose to medicate the ache in their soul by living a life of being addictively checked out. But, they are missing the heart of the matter—the ache in their spirit.


Some people will risk “wanting” or deeply desiring again because if they get what they want, they know their soul will come alive with an enormous desire and satisfaction. And desires fulfilled could lead to the ecstasy of finally awakening and coming alive. Awakening to their buried passion, giftedness and purpose that lie below the pain in their soul!


However, most people are checked out and numb to the ache in their soul. Why? They would rather protect themselves with a layer of deadness than feeling any further excruciating pain of being rejected and disappointed. They have stopped “wanting” and dreaming in life. In their heart of hearts, their desire to live out their dreams has now slumbered. They live with deep emptiness, a spirit of anxiety and disempowerment and are held captive to their personal prisons in life. They have become the walking dead.


So how can you experience new life of unrestrained Hope? How can you live with a spirit of bravery where your eyes are fearless and you move like a warrior within the present chaos and dangers of this world? As the future bombs of life go off in this land, how do you navigate with sage wisdom and fight with a relentless strength of love to protect those you love?