Our counseling intensives are designed to get healing and a profound recovery process well underway within 3-5 days, all in strict privacy. All of our Relational Intensives are held in Beverly Hills and Santa Monica, CA and Minneapolis, MN. The intensive schedule is from 12-8 pm Friday through Sunday.

You can invite several family members and friends to be part of your support team. The beauty of your hand-picked support team is this new village community can support you after your counseling intensive is over. This component is critical to healing and lasting change.


1. The first Day

Move from a place of feeling desperate, alone or out of control. As we uncover and explore your story, we identify the damage to your soul. This equips you to move forward into a journey of restoration and lasting change. Experience healing in body, soul and spirit.


2. The second Day

Discover how you are sabotaging yourself and your relationships. This is often missing in traditional therapy, but it is vital if the healing is going to last long-term. Recover the life you were made for and the strength you long to recapture.


3. The Final DAy

Restore who you are at the core. Rediscover your passion, your gifts and your purpose. Rewrite your story by taking hold of the tools you need to live as a changed person ... a renewed, reinvigorated person.



(eight hours of private 1-1 intense Therapy/day)