What sets us apart?

“To experience lasting change from the inside out,

you need to first heal from the inside out”.

-Paul F. Singh, MA, LP

Licensed Psychologist

Life Coach


How do You Know if You are Addicted?

Addiction often begins with casual or occasional behaviour that increases in frequency and intensity over time.  If you are concerned that you may have an addiction to alcohol, drugs, sex, eating or other substance or process, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you use substances as a coping tool or reward?

  • Do you have trouble controlling how much you use?

  • Are you preoccupied with your next drink, high or addictive activity?

  • Do you lead a compartmentalised life to hide your addiction and appear functional?

  • Do you continue using despite the negative consequences?

  • Are you have been neglecting your career, education, family or partner in favour of your addiction?

  • Do you require increasing amounts of alcohol, drugs, sex, etc. to achieve the desired effects?

  • Do you experience cravings or withdrawals such as anxiety, irritability or nausea?

  • Do you want to cut back or quit, but cannot?

If you answered yes to two or more of the above questions, you are showing signs of addiction.

Generally addiction is accompanied by a dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorder of mental illness and addiction. Note the terms “Dual Diagnosis” and “Co-occurring Disorders” are often used interchangeably.

What are Common Types of Dual Diagnosis or Co-occurring Disorders?

There are many mental health disorders that can contribute to a dual diagnosis condition when combined with drug or alcohol abuse. The list below shows some of the more common disorders:

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Books Coming Soon

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Unrestrained HOPE: Unlocking Your Passion, Gifts and Purpose.

“Rehab is time-consuming and expensive. UNRESTRAINED HOPE will kick-start or speed your healing. It could save you thousands of dollars and many wasted years. It might even save your life.

This book is a simple, concise, practical road map to the entire therapy process. If you want to recover from addiction, anger issues or suicidal thoughts, this is your must-have guide.

UNRESTRAINED HOPE will show you how to heal what’s troubling you deep inside – and how to unlock your passion, gifts and purpose!

Your family, friends and employer are desperate for you to recover. They want you back.


Author Paul F. Singh, MA, LP, is a trauma and addiction psychologist and a holistic transformational life coach. He has lectured at the Mayo Clinic’s former “Meet the Expert” series and at the Hazelden Betty Ford: Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centers. He integrates spiritual therapy into clinical therapy in an easy-to-follow journey.

Singh is an international expert on addiction, anger management and suicide. He specializes in three-day crisis counseling weekends for those struggling with drug, alcohol, sex, food or power addiction – and anger management.

He gives help and hope to those struggling with anxiety and depression, which can lead to suicidal thoughts. Whether or not you’re in therapy, this book will help you achieve the transformation you’re dreaming of.

If you want your life back, UNRESTRAINED HOPE will help you get it.”



Riding Wild Waves Into Intense Hope

Psychologist and author Paul Singh uses his personal life story and clinical practice to help people change from the inside out by first healing from the inside out.

This raw and vulnerable narrative will help the reader to know and understand how to be strengthened and empowered by the storms of life. This is also an endearing legacy book to Singh’s five children. This book is substantive, humorous, and full of fresh new hope.

Future Release-Amazon: $18.95

This is another great gift book on how to prepare and survive  the various storms of life. The upcoming book will be released Spring of 2018 on Amazon.com.

Crisis Interventions & Counseling Intensives


Our crisis interventions and counseling intensives are designed to get healing and a profound recovery process well underway within a focused timeframe, all in strict privacy. Our interventions and intensives are held in Beverly Hills and  Santa Monica, California  as well as Minneapolis, Minnesota.

You can invite several family members and friends to be part of your support team. The beauty of your hand-picked support team is that this new village healing community  can support you after your intervention or counseling intensive is over. This component is critical to healing and lasting change.


Healing starts here

Start the healing process at either of our locations or in the privacy of your own home.
We travel nationally and internationally to meet you where you are.


Beverly Hills, CA

Private, safe, and beneath the palms. There is a waiting list for intensives at this location, so we take clients on a case-by-case basis. 

Minneapolis, MN

A perfect escape from press and paparazzi. This is our headquarters, where we do most of our intensive sessions.