Past the pain, struggle and tears, freedom awaits you.

Addiction is a powerfully destructive disease. Its greatest weapons are denial and secrecy, which lead to a slow death. We believe in alcohol and drug interventions without the shame.

It's challenging to help a loved one struggling with any type of addiction (alcohol, drugs, food, sex, gambling). People resist acknowledging their addictions. You may need to join forces with family, friends and others to initiate a formal intervention.

Since people often object to treatment, interventions are designed to encourage a start to healthy healing.


Our interventions  are led by a seasoned licensed staff psychologist, Paul F. Singh, MA, LP. The CEO of Holistic Life Change International, Singh has over 25 years of counseling experience. He has lectured at the former “Meet the Expert” series at the Mayo Clinics. The Betty Ford Clinic (Rancho Mirage) has had him listed as an alcohol and drug interventionist. 

What it looks like. 

Singh travels nationally and internationally to the family’s home within a week or two of an intervention request. He leads interventions gently but firmly, finding and exploring root issues rather than focusing on the symptoms of addiction, which are just surface outgrowths of what lies beneath. He leads everyone through simple but profound illustrations to show how the root issue manifests itself in the client’s spirit, soul and body.

After the intervention. 

Afterwards, Paul Singh, together with a staff member and a loved one, accompanies the client to a top inpatient treatment facility for detox and a residential inpatient treatment program.

We also offer a post-detox alternative to a public inpatient program - a 5-10 day intensive outpatient retreat for private, one-on-one therapy. This program is for those who are medically cleared after detox and would prefer to avoid the discomfort of participating in a public program. We are also available for follow-up counseling and life coaching sessions after the intervention for continued growth.