Our life coaching intensives are designed to spark change and reinvigorate potential within 1-2 weeks, all at a private retreat. On request we do house calls and travel internationally to meet you where you are. You can bring several friends or family members for support, but coaching sessions are strictly one-on-one. 

We focus on what matters – you. Lodging, meals/catering, and local transportation for you and your party are all at your discretion. We can do the coaching intensives in my office (either Beverly Hills or Minneapolis) with you staying at nearby accommodations of your choice. If you prefer, we can arrange to do the intensives at an exclusive lakeside resort in Minnesota (where, if you choose, the entire resort can be booked just for you and your party to ensure perfect privacy). Or we can fly to your home or office, wherever they are.

We have three phases to our life coaching intensives, and we tailor the experience to each person's unique situation. 


1. Our first intensive

Remove the obstacles that impede you. Reawaken your greatness. Journey toward what is truly most important to you. Find freedom.



2. The second STEP in our series

Discover who you are from the inside out. Find a unique blend of strength and love to be able to give back to your friends, family and the community. Elevate your potential to the next level, and reinvent yourself to find meaning beyond recognition, wealth or fame.



3. Our final life coaching intensive

Refresh your spiritual, physical, relational and sexual health. Experience a truly holistic life, with harmony at the core of your being. Wake up each day with new vigor and passion for what you love to do.