TEI Alcohol and Drug Intervention

Addictions are a powerfully destructive disease. Is greatest weapons are denial and secrecy, which can lead to a slow death.

Holistic Life Change International provides a world class and cutting edge intervention program entitled, “Transformational Empowerment Interventions™ (TEI)”. This is a one of a kind crisis intervention program that integrates a full day of family therapy with a seasoned licensed psychologist who is also an alcohol and opioid interventionist. This clinical technique is described in Singh’s upcoming book, “Disruptive Hope”: Nine Steps to Transformational Empowerment.

We believe in effective healing interventions without the shame. We use a family system approach where everyone will get something out of this graceful confrontational and healing process. Disruption can be kind, effective and life changing.

It's challenging to help a loved one struggling with any type of addiction (alcohol, drugs, food, sex, gambling), an eating disorder, anxiety, depression or suicidal ideation. People resist acknowledging their addictions or struggles.

You may need to join forces with family, friends and others to initiate a private formal intervention.

Do You or Your Loved One Need Help with Your Opioid Usage?

In order to confirm a diagnosis of Opioid Use Disorder, at least two of the following should be observed within a 12-month period.

  1. Opioids are often taken in larger amounts or over a longer period than was intended.

  2. There is a persistent desire or unsuccessful efforts to cut down or control opioid use.

  3. A great deal of time is spent in activities necessary to obtain the opioid, use the opioid, or recover from its effects.

  4. Craving, or a strong desire or urge to use opioids.

  5. Recurrent opioid use resulting in a failure to fulfill major role obligations at work, school, or home.

  6. Continued opioid use despite having persistent or recurrent social or interpersonal problems caused or exacerbated by the effects of opioids.

  7. Important social, occupational, or recreational activities are given up or reduced because of opioid use.

  8. Recurrent opioid use in situations in which it is physically hazardous.

  9. Continued opioid use despite knowledge of having a persistent or recurrent physical or psychological problem that is likely to have been caused or exacerbated by the substance.

  10. Experiencing tolerance.

  11. Experiencing withdrawal.

Physical Indicators of Opioid Use Disorder:

Indicators can include:

  • "Track marks" (scars along veins), which suggest previous injection drug use

  • Pinpoint pupils, drowsiness, and slurred speech are consistent with current opioid intoxication

Laboratory Testing:

Your physician may perform laboratory testing to give you comprehensive health care:

  • Test urine for opioids, alcohol (ethyl glucuronide), and other drugs, such as benzodiazepines1

  • Conduct a complete blood count (especially if any signs of bacterial infection such as endocarditis)

  • Assess for hepatitis B/C and HIV for those who inject intravenously

  • Offer vaccination for patients who inject drugs and have negative hepatitis B serology

  • Consider testing for syphilis and tuberculosis if indicated

  • Assess liver and kidney function with liver enzymes, serum bilirubin, and serum creatinine blood tests

Medication Treatment:

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) is considered the best treatment option for Opioid Use Disorder as part of a comprehensive medical treatment plan.

MAT for OUD is defined as the use of one of three medications (buprenorphine, naltrexone, or methadone) in combination with psychosocial and/or behavioral therapy, through one of the following:

  1. Office-based provider for buprenorphine or naltrexone

    • Buprenorphine can be only be prescribed and dispensed by a certified provider who has a Drug Enforcement Agency license and has undergone training to qualify for a Drug Addiction Treatment Act of 2000 (DATA 2000) waiver. You can apply for a waiver through the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA): https://www.samhsa.gov/medication-assisted-treatment/buprenorphine-waiver-management

    • Naltrexone is not a controlled substance, so it can be prescribed by any healthcare provider who is licensed to prescribe medications.

  2. Opioid treatment program (OTP) for methadone therapy

    • Methadone can only be dispensed through an OTP that is accredited by a SAMHSA-approved accrediting body and certified by SAMHSA.

Transformational Empowerment Interventions (TEI)

  1. Phase One: Two family and friends pre-intervention meetings to prepare for the TEI intervention without the client present.

  2. Phase Two: A full eight-hour day of TEI family therapy with a licensed psychologist and interventionist and the client being present.

  3. Phase Three: Transportation of the client to an inpatient rehab program that day. Family has already packed the client’s suitcase.

Family Therapy, Healing and Recovery Week

World Class One-of-a-Kind Family Healing & Recovery Program.

When a pro athlete is stressed and struggling and medicating the stress with alcohol and drugs-everyone in the family system is impacted. There is embarrassment, anger, blame, unforgivenss and it can breakdown communication and intimacy. 

The pro athlete is already down and then his home is also down. That breed’s anger, despair and hopelessness that further exacerbates the “pull” to want to medicate even more with alcohol and drugs.

Our family healing and recovery program is a place for the pro athlete and his family to get a fresh start in becoming a healed family that can laugh together again. However, we have to get to the core roots of the addiction symptoms. Sometimes it is not just the pro athlete that is struggling with addiction. Yes, it is a family affair that can reset the entire family into transformative empowerment in starting a brand new life together! How awesome in that?

The five or ten day program of eight hours/day of therapy gives time for the spouse and all the children to write out their “pain” letters, “anger” letters and start the forgiveness process with some initial “Want to Forgive You” letters. The process is very kind, supportive and the family start to regain traction in becoming a stronger family from the trauma everyone as been through.

The pro athlete is usually grateful that someone who already supports him is stepping in on his behalf to do what he can’t do at this point of the healing and recovery process. 

The spouse is usually relieved that somehow the relationship and the family will be put back together again-even though they know it is going to take a miracle. However, there is relief that the mess is being cleaned up and the healing and recovery process has started.

The kids are usually confused, sad or mad depending on their temperament and sometimes needs a younger staff person to talk with. The younger children are engaged with play therapy to help them start to verbalize their pain, fears, desires for their family to be back together again and any other issues. Many times their pain comes out in physical issues and the need of the hour then is understanding and comfort.

Depending on the size of the family, additional staff is brought in so everyone in the family has their own family support staff that attends all the meals, fun outings and family therapy group times with them. We make it a fun and healing home-like home when they are away from their own home.

The entire family healing and recovery program is personally supervised by licensed psychologist Paul F Singh and his staff at Holistic Life Change International in Minneapolis. Minneapolis has the Mall of America and our chic stores and restaurants in Uptown, which is the LA of Minnesota. Our corporate concierge will help you plan every day of your stay by providing you many options for each day. 

Welcome to the family healing and recovery week!


We try to accommodate this state-of-the-art TEI intervention program and family healing and recovery week to our guests and their family needs. Paul only does three interventions and three family and healing recovery weeks/month. Do not be discouraged if you get on a waiting list because we do receive cancellations.

This is a self payment elite program (cash, credit card, money order). We require a 30-day pre-pay by wire. Please call our office for details.

Insurance Information:

  1. Paul F Singh, MA, LP is a licensed psychologist and opioid interventionist

  2. He is out-of-network

  3. Opioid Intervention (outpatient)

  4. Detox Referral Program (inpatient)

  5. Opioid Treatment Referral Program (inpatient)

  6. Opioid Outpatient Follow-Up Online Sessions

  7. Opioid Family Counseling Intensive (outpatient)

Since people often object to treatment, private interventions with a seasoned licensed psychologist are designed to encourage a start to healthy healing and lasting change.

 Our TEI interventions are led by a seasoned celebrity psychologist from Hollywood, an executive life change coach and a trained alcohol and opioid interventionist. Psychologist Paul F. Singh, MA, LP is the CEO of Holistic Life Change International. He has lectured at the former “Meet the Expert” series at the Mayo Clinics. The Hazelden Betty Ford Clinic in Ranch Mirage, CA has had Singh listed as a prefered alcohol and drug interventionist.

What it looks like. 

Psychologist and Interventionist Singh travels nationally and internationally to the family’s home, usually within a few days of the phone call requesting a crisis TEI intervention for alcohol, drugs, food, sex, gambling, an eating disorder, anxiety, depression or suicidal ideation. He leads the intervention gently, but firmly, finding and exploring root issues rather than focusing on the symptoms of addiction which are just surface outgrowths of what lies beneath. He leads everyone through simple, but profound white board illustrations to show how the root issue manifests itself in the client’s spirit, soul and body.

Opioid Family Counseling Intensive 

Once the TEI intervention is over, we offer the family an optional one-day family intensive.

“Addiction is called "a family disease" for good reason. Family members are profoundly affected when a loved one becomes addicted to alcohol or another drug.

By the time most families reach out for help and drug treatment, the disease of addiction has typically progressed to a crisis level for the addict and family alike. Our programs and services at Holistic Life Change International are designed to help not only people who have addiction but the entire family—from spouses to parents or caregivers to siblings and children—because everyone affected by alcohol or other drug abuse needs support, care and healing.  

Recovery is stronger when all family members understand the nature of drug addiction and are involved in the healing process. By educating you about the disease of addiction and the different ways family members are affected—whether parent, child, spouse or partner—our programs and services help you:

  • Working through the chaos you’re experiencing

  • Setting healthy boundaries

  • Rebuilding trusting relationships

  • Improving communication with one another”

  • Practicing Bold Love

  • Living in the “no judgment” zone

  • Celebrating again!

The Family Intensive is held the next day to help the family receive counseling or life coaching in what to do next with their loved one. The intervention is usually on a Friday from 12-8 pm and the cost is $7500 plus travel expenses if Singh has to fly to another state or country. Once you have finished your pre-pay, you can then make your reservation with our staff. We try to accommodate our clientse within a few days or within one-week of their request for our services.

The Family Counseling Intensive is usually the next day (Saturday) from 12-8 pm and is also $7500. You can pre-pay this amount on our online check out button. You have the option of using your credit card on our PayPal accountant account or depositing a cashier check into our Wells Fargo bank account.

Online client and family counseling follow-up care sessions are also available with Paul Singh through Holistic Life Change International. The cost for this online service is $175/50 minute session. You can directly consult with Paul about planning the intervention, the actual intervention and post-intervention follow up online sessions. Out staff will hand tailor our intervention program or our family counseling intensive to meet your specific needs. That is the beauty of working with a private practice that is affiliated with the best local and national rehab inpatient and outpatient programs.

"We are at a time when post-overdose programs are imperative to supporting people who are struggling with opioid use disorder," said Bagley, who is also an assistant professor of medicine and pediatrics at Boston University School of Medicine. "It is important to engage individuals in care after they have survived an overdose so that we can provide the services and support necessary to reduce the risk of future overdose and prevent opioid-related fatalities in the U.S."

As more peer-based programs are implemented, further research should follow the role of collective responsibility with overdose risk reduction and treatment engagement. In addition, rigorous evaluation of existing and emerging programs is needed assess effectiveness of programs to reduce overdose and engage survivors in harm reduction and substance use disorder treatment.”

To a brand new start in life for the client and their family.

Let’s do it!

-The Staff at Holistic Life Change International