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PTSD/Trauma and Addiction Psychologist Paul F. Singh

PTSD/Trauma and Addiction Psychologist Paul F. Singh

Paul Franklin Singh, known as Psychologist Paul, is an American psychologist, author and international holistic life change coach in Beverly Hills and Hollywood; California and Minneapolis, Minnesota. Singh is a noted international expert on addictions and lectures to international neuropsychiatrists in Paris, France on the topics of Neuroplasticity: Changing your brain at any age and Cellular Memory Healing: How to Erase Negative Emotions. 

Singh first gained expert status as a PTSD and trauma addiction psychologist as he started lecturing at the former “Meet the Expert” series at the Mayo Clinics and the Hazelden Betty Ford alcohol and drug clinics on how to disrupt the global Opioid epidemic. Psychologist Paul integrates his own clinical model with his holistic spiritual model that he pioneered thirty years ago to help people first experience healing from the inside out so that they can finally experience lasting change from the inside out.

Raised in the Midwestern United States, Singh played college intramural soccer and was the captain of the soccer team for the University of Minnesota where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Business Administration. He then earned his Master of Arts in Biblical counseling from Grace Theological Seminary in Winona Lake, Indiana.

Paul Singh has been working in private practice both as a PTSD/trauma and addiction psychologist and an international holistic life coach while also lecturing at national and international “Holistic Life Change” seminars and conferences. Singh is a single father of five accomplished and beautiful adult children and they reside in Minneapolis, MN.